If you're an ebook author, infoproduct creator, software developer or any other seller of digital goods, you've probably tried every "traffic generation" gimmick on the planet, right?

Silently They've Been Keeping Their #1
Traffic Source Out Of The Limelight
While Pointing You Towards The Latest
"Product Of The Week" To Keep You Buying...

...All The While, You're Staring At The Best Source Of Free Traffic And Probably Don't Even Realize It!

No Gimmicks: Here’s the Truth About Traffic …

From: Connie Ragen Green
Re: Unlimited Free Traffic

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Isn’t it funny that most “get traffic with Adwords®” courses aren’t sold via Adwords® but rather though an affiliate program?

When was the last time you saw a course about getting free traffic through social media sites actually promoted by one of the social media sites?

How many times have you rushed off to take a look at the latest SEO (search engine optimization) product or tool because you saw a Top 5 listing for it … as opposed to being bombarded by emails by affiliates for it?

Seriously, think about that for a moment.

That’s not to say that traffic isn’t being generated through these methods, because it is. To be sure, there ARE many different ways to get traffic to your site.

But the point being made is this –

The #1 source of traffic for the overwhelming majority of internet marketers ( gurus included ) is “partner traffic”.

Having your own affiliate program is the ultimate in driving droves of visitors to your website.

Don’t believe it? Just ask around. Or, better still, look at the FACTS…

  • HISTORICAL SALES. If you’ve been online for any amount of time at all, then you know all about the incredibly successful “product launches“. John Reese really got things rockin’ with his Traffic Secrets launch which did over a million dollars in sales in 24 hours. His “launch” was just the beginning … many others (Butterfly Marketing, etc.) have been documented since. Where did the majority of sales come from? Partners and affiliates!
  • YOUR OWN INBOX. Take a few minutes to examine your own email inbox (or just think back) and ask yourself one simple question: how many product and services recommendations do I receive each week? Chances are, you know about every new product being released (especially the “biggies”) because someone promotes it to you as an affiliate.
  • HONEST DISCLOSURE. If you were to ask most successful internet marketers what their #1 source of traffic is, the honest answer in most cases would be “partner traffic“. Sure, there may be many other sources of traffic (PPC, solo mailings, etc.) but if we were called to the witness stand in a legal battle and were forced to disclose our top traffic source, most would have to confess it is their affiliate program.

Perhaps the most ironic part of the whole thing is the fact that you’ve witnessed the ultimate in traffic generation time and time again probably without really letting it sink in.

Sidebar: No, there isn’t some great “conspiracy” out there to mislead you. That’s not the point.

The point is, every time you’ve received an email from someone promoting the latest SEO tool, free advertising idea or traffic strategy and clicked through to the site, traffic has been generated through an affiliate program and not through the traffic strategy being taught in the product you’ll be buying!

The answer to your traffic problem has been staring you in the face the whole time!

The Single Greatest Challenge You Face
As A Marketer Vanishes Into Thin Air Like Magic…

Here’s the cold hard reality of your business … you are LIMITED in what you can accomplish on your own. It’s that simple. You are only allotted so much time in any given day. Twenty-four hours, right?

Even if you are the most productive, most efficient work-a-holic on the planet who can crank out ezine articles with ease, type in ad listings like a pro and work at the breakneck speed of a thoroughbred … there is still a limit as to what you can get done in your allotted twenty-four hours.

You can only do so much on your own. You’re good at what you do, for sure. But, as good as you are, that hourglass is steadily dropping down grains of sand until your time is up.

But, what if there were others who were
willing to do your marketing for you?

Instead of busting your gut to get traffic, you can concentrate on the creative side of your business by building offers. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice to NEVER have to worry about getting traffic to your site again?

There’s good news…

The Best Day Of Your Business Life Is Coming:
When Traffic Is Completely Automatic

Notice that it doesn’t say “automated“. This isn’t about you pressing some buttons on some so-called “traffic tool” to generate some non-targeted, non-buying “hits” to your site.

The word is “automatic“. Targeted traffic that comes to your site without you lifting a finger. Visitors that stream in day after day with no effort on your part. Prospects getting to your offer page because other people did all the work on your behalf.

The truth of the matter is this –

You don’t need any other source of traffic if you have a successful affiliate program. Seriously, you don’t need anything else. Period. Why not? Because your affiliates will be doing all the marketing for you …

  • Other people buying PPC listings to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people distributing viral reports to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people writing ezine articles to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people sending emails to their lists to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people blogging to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people creating videos to promote your offer for you!
  • Other people driving traffic to promote your offer for you!

Traffic that is “automatic“.

Gurus don’t worry about traffic. Traffic WILL come because of the network of affiliates and partners they have in place. There never comes a day when they think, “Gosh, I just don’t know how I’m going to get anyone to my site today“.

Traffic is automatic at this point.

And it can be for you too.

Affiliate Sales Army Presented by Connie Ragen Green

How To Get Other People Promoting Your Product

Okay, so you know you need traffic. And getting it for free is a big plus, right? And getting a lot of it is almost too good to be true. Almost. You know it works because it’s worked on you. You see it in action time and time again. And yet it has been eluding you.

Not anymore!

In Affiliate Sales Army, you will learn exactly how to start, sustain and spread your own affiliate program to get traffic to your web site!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is designed for those who already have their own product (created it yourself, hired a ghostwriter to create, purchased rights to sell, etc.) to sell online. If you do not have your own product, you need to get one before ordering.  Click Here for details.

What you’ll find are all the steps to build a network of affiliates promoting your products into one, step-by-step system that anyone (seriously, anyone) can follow.

If you want to add affiliate sales for your product (without spending a gazillion bucks on high-priced “home study courses” which leave you with more questions than money), then this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for.

Dramatic Change In How You Conduct Your Business Leads To Dramatic Increase In Profit
If you’ve been online for any amount of time at all, you’ve probably been sending traffic to other people as an affiliate in their affiliate program …

Now it’s time to turn the tables and get other people sending traffic to you as an affiliate in your affiliate program

Everything you need to know about running your own affiliate program is included in this 105-page Affiliate Sales Army course…

  • SETTING UP YOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM. In the shortest chapter of the manual, you’ll get a quick recommendation for getting your affiliate program up and running within 48-72 hours. (Note: If you already have your own affiliate program, you can skip this initial chapter.)
  • CREATING AN AFFILIATE CENTER . You’ll learn the exclusive Affiliate C4™ methods for igniting explosive sales from your sales army. This is where 85% of affiliate program managers blow it and never see the sales they desire.
  • FINDING MOTIVATED AFFILIATES . If this isn’t THE largest list of ways to find affiliates, then it certainly is one of the largest lists. Revealed are a whopping 20 different ways to find affiliates (even “super” affiliates) to recruit into your affiliate program.
  • GETTING AFFILIATES TO SAY “YES” . You’ll discover exactly how to get affiliates to agree to join your affiliate program and begin promoting your offers. This is THE hardest part of the process, but it’s made super easy for you by sharing the proven effective methods the top “gurus” use.
  • KEEPING AFFILIATES ACTIVE . It’s never enough to find and recruit affiliates … you want them to remain actively involved in promoting your products and services for months and even years to come. In this section, you’ll learn many proprietary ideas for keeping affiliates active in your program instead of your competition’s program!
  • EXPANDING YOUR PROGRAM AUTOMATICALLY . In this section of the course you’ll learn some creative ways to recruit affiliates “indirectly” as you continue to multiply both the number of new affiliates coming in and the number of sales coming in!
  • WORKING WITH AN AFFILIATE MANAGER . More about this shortly, but there’s an entire chapter (well worth the price of the course by itself!) on the subject of hiring an affiliate manager (without investing any out of pocket expense) to run your entire program for you!

And that’s just the “broad” picture of what’s included in this one-of-a-kind (truly, “one-of-a-kind”!) course.

“Okay, But What Will I Really Learn?”

How about some specifics? Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover inside this “no fluff, no filler” manual…

  • A proven-effective, 9-step system for getting thousands of other people to promote your products like crazy…explained in simple, easy-to-follow language. (Page 8)
  • The beginner’s guide for finding, hiring and working with an affiliate manager … including 5 keys to finding an affiliate manager and 5 keys to succeeding with an affiliate manager. (Page 85)
  • The top 5 methods of equipping your affiliates to produce the maximum number of orders possible from their marketing efforts. (Page 58)
  • 5 extraordinary ways to use incentives to convince fence-setters (even “super” affiliates) to join your affiliate program now. (Page 34)
  • 5 effective strategies to “force” your affiliates to promote you NOW … use these methods anytime you want a quick boost in traffic and orders. (Page 53)
  • The biggest mistake affiliate managers make with their affiliate centers that *literally* will cause affiliates to abandon your program about 99% of the time. (Page 18)
  • 6 key elements of your affiliate “signup” page to cover yourself legally and ensure affiliates know all the details of your affiliate offer prior to joining. (Page 28)
  • 20 super-simple, highly-effective ways to find affiliates for your program … this is THE most comprehensive index of quality ways to recruit affiliates available anywhere. (Page 41)
  • 5 “extras” that get affiliates to push even harder in their efforts to promote your offers, including the all-time favorite “viral” affiliate marketing tactic. (Page 72)
  • The #1 priority for successfully keeping affiliates actively promoting your offers instead of concentrating their efforts on your competition. (Page 12)
  • How to run contests, use incentives, unadvertised bonuses and other ethical “bribes” to create an order-producing frenzy among your affiliates. (Page 62)
  • 3 “affiliate magnets” that should easily distance your program from those of your competitors and get more affiliates in your “sales army”. (Page 30)
  • 5 ideas for using the most “boring” method of getting affiliates to promote your offers … these aren’t “sexy”, but they are very effective in producing activity among affiliates. (Page 55)
  • 5 little-known, results-producing methods of recruiting affiliates “indirectly” — including the ONE idea that you can literally build your entire business around for greater results than ever before. (Page 77)
  • The proprietary Affiliate C4™ method of igniting explosive sales from your sales army. (Page 13)
  • 5 absolute “musts” for creating satisfied and loyal affiliates who stick with your program indefinitely instead of running from “program of the week” to “program of the week”. (Page 68)
  • A complete bonus interview with world class affiliate manager, Nicole Dean. (Page 93)
  • How to keep affiliates A.C.T.I.V.E.™ in your affiliate program, including the 6 keys to transforming dormant, passive affiliates into aggressive, involved affiliates. (Page 52)
  • The hands down, easiest way to setup your own affiliate program to track orders, pay affiliates, process orders and run your entire operation on autopilot. (Page 10)
  • 7 things that attract affiliates, along with the #1 thing affiliates look for in determining which program they’ll be spending their time on. (Page 29)
  • How to create your own “affiliate attack plan” for your sales army to carry out your order to promote your offer. (Page 19)
  • 4 ways to ensure that affiliates make more money in YOUR affiliate program than anyone else’s so they not only join you, but continue to promote you long term. (Page 31)
  • The real key to training your affiliates so they get started immediately bringing in sales for your products. (Page 24)
  • 7 parts of professional, personal and profitable contact letters, including a sample letter you can modify for your own use in contacting potential affiliates. (Page 38)

As you can see, this is a comprehensive, systematic blueprint for getting tons of affiliate sales for your product. There are more unique and creative ideas in this course than in any other on the market.

But, it doesn’t end there…

Beginner? Experienced?
Have An Affiliate Program?  Don’t Have One?

Affiliate Sales Army was created for both beginners and advanced users, for both those who don’t have an affiliate program yet and those who do.

  • If you are a BEGINNER… then you’re in luck. This course is a complete, step-by-step system (starting from scratch!) that walks you through the entire process from beginning to end in a user-friendly language that you’re sure to understand.
  • If you are EXPERIENCED… then this is your “take it to the next level” course. You’ll find dozens upon dozens of advanced ideas that you’ve never thought of before. This is the most unique, one-of-a-kind idea manual on the market for affiliate program owners / affiliate managers.
The Only Thing Better Than A
Successful Affiliate Program
Is Having Someone Else Run It For You!

As profitable and exciting as it is to have your own affiliate program, there is something that’s even better — and that’s having someone else oversee every detail of your affiliate program for you while you focus your attention elsewhere. (Tennis, anyone?!)

An “affiliate manager” is someone who oversees the operations of an
affiliate program in exchange for compensation.

Why would you want one? The bottom line is: more traffic, which results in more revenue for you.

But, specifically, there are 3 reasons why you need an affiliate manager…

  • Recruiting. Your affiliate manager can recruit new affiliates into your program for you. Instead of you spending time trying to find (and then convince!) affiliates to join your program, your “affman” can do this for you while you focus on other things.
  • Rewarding. Everyone knows that simply getting people to join your affiliate program is not enough. It takes a lot of effort to get passive affiliates to become (and stay!) active. An affiliate manager is responsible for motivating your team to remain involved in your promotions.
  • Running. Beyond getting affiliates into your program and making sure they stay active, your affiliate manager can “run” as much of your operations as you want her to. Here are just a few things affiliate managers can do for you…
  • Create training materials
  • Write follow-up mailings
  • Communicate with affiliates
  • Answer affiliate support questions
  • Monitor contests and incentive programs
  • Post to your blog
  • Handle clerical stuff
  • (create rebrandable files, etc.)
  • Circulate content (syndication sites, etc.)

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Perhaps the best part of hiring an affiliate manager is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost you a penny in out of pocket expenses. That is, you can setup your agreement to be performance-based: you pay the affiliate manager a percentage of the overall revenue generated through her efforts … the more revenue she brings in through the affiliate program, the more she earns.

In Affiliate Sales Army, an entire chapter is devoted (full of meaty information!) to the art of finding, hiring and working with your own affiliate manager. And it goes one step further than that: An inteview with Nicole Dean, “affiliate manager to the gurus” is included to give you first hand insight into the mind of an affiliate manager so you can easily find and convince the best and the brightest of the bunch to join your team!

How Much Is One Good Affiliate Worth To You?

Okay, here’s the part you knew was coming. In fact, you may have scrolled down here to the bottom of the page to check out the price for Affiliate Sales Army before you even read about it.

Truthfully, it could sell for a premium price. It is, quite literally, worth a fortune. The concepts shared in this course is responsible for millions upon millions of dollars in revenue. To put a “fair market value” price tag on it would be out of reach for virtually everyone reading these words.

Seling this course for it’s true value is out the question.

But, it is necessary to recognize its value. It is necessary to understand the results it has generated. There’s no question as to the unmatched profit generator it represents in the hands of someone who will use it.

So, the real question is this: what’s ONE good affiliate worth to you?

Let’s suppose for a moment that you do everything shared in this course and all you get from it is ONE good affiliate. A super affiliate. A super affiliate who is loyal to you and markets your products for you like they were obsessed. How much money will they generate for you in a month? In a year? In a lifetime?

And, we both know, that ONE good affiliate isn’t your goal.

So, what’s an entire “army” of affiliates worth to your business? How much money will they make you in a month, year and lifetime?

Now you’re beginning to see, right? That this information is, really, priceless.

So, when you learn this course is being made available for $97, a smile should break out on your face. ONE good affiliate is worth MUCH, MUCH more to you than that. An “army” of affiliates is so much more valuable than the price of this course that it’s almost unthinkable that you could walk away empty-handed without ordering.

But, just to “sweeten” the deal, there are six solid bonuses (none of this cheap junk!) that will just be “icing on the cake” for a decision you’ve already wisely made…

Invaluable Bonuses ONLY With This Course …

Unlike many other marketers who throw in a bunch of unrelated materials as bonuses to add “thump” value (if there are 50 extra ebooks, it *sounds* good) with no real usefulness to you, these are custom-created bonuses that were developed exclusively for this package. There are six of them!

They aren’t available elsewhere, and they add realized value to your order because they *will* be used by you to start, strengthen and spread your own affiliate program!

  • DOWNLOADABLE AUDIOS: “10 MP3 Files To Load To Your iPod, Burn To A CD, Or Listen To On Your Computer”.

    As a bonus, you’ll receive the entire course in MP3 format so you can listen to the word-by-word presentation of the Affiliate Sales Army material.

    You’ll be able to instantly download 10 files, totalling over 3 hours of audio that you can load to your iPod (or favorite MP3 player, burn to a CD or listen to on your computer.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: “8 Irresistible Ways To Get ‘Super’ Affiliates To Enlist In Your Sales Army!”.

    Let’s face it, not all affiliates are created equal. Sure, you want as many affiliates as possible in your program, regardless of how “super” they are or are not. But, in being honest, all affiliates aren’t created equal. Some have larger lists, greater traffic to their sites and noteworthy reputations just to name a few assets.

    And it would be very beneficial to your affiliate program to have them involved in promoting your product. The question is “how can you attract ‘super’ affiliates?”

    In this special, 16-page report you’ll learn 8 powerful ways to convince these “in-demand” affiliates to promote your offer. You’ll have a hard time finding another report out there like this one!

  • AFFILIATE MAILINGS: “8 Autoresponder Mailings You Can Modify And Send To Your Sales Army!” (With PLR Rights)

    Nicole Dean (world class affiliate manager) has created a series of 8 affiliate mailings that are included with private label rights (you can modify them in any way you like for your own use, but you can’t sell them) for you to load to your autoresponder system and automatically send out to your affiliate team.

    These mailings are specifically designed to get your affiliates active in your program.

  • RECRUITING CHECKLIST: “20 Actions You Can Take Today To Get New Affiliates For Your Program” .This handy checklist is ideal for printing out and then systematically working your way through (or have your affiliate manager do this) in order to recruit affiliates into your program.The information in this checklist is an abbreviated form of the content shared in the main Affiliate Sales Army manual.
  • SPECIAL REPORT: “Snail Mail Profits: How To Easily And Affordably Use Snail Mail To Make Your Affiliates Love You!”Nicole has graciously chronicled some amazing ideas she’s used in managing several affiliate programs by using some “snail mail” strategies.The responses received from these strategies have been extremely eye-opening … and they’ve directly led to an increase in sales.
  • SPECIAL REPORT: “How To Generate More Profit For Both You And Your Affiliates In One Easy Step! “This 20-page report details a simple strategy for increasing your affiliate and personal income by implementing one change to your web site.Chances are, you’ve at least *heard* of this strategy before, but you’ve never seen it explained in as great detail as is in this special report.(Note: It could easily be sold on its own for $27+)

Your Money Will Be Cheerfully Refunded at the
Click of a Mouse Button If You’re Dissatisfied


Listen, here’s the thing: This course is being sold through Clickbank, which means they have specific guarantee requirements. And their rules state that you’ve got an 8-week, money back guarantee. There’s no question that you’ll be completely thrilled with the content of this course and, more importantly, the results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 8 weeks by simply requesting it if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Order Now And Save $30

The regular price for the Affiliate Sales Army course is $97.00. But, if you order today you’ll automatically receive a $30.00 discount. That’s right, you’ll pay only $67.00 if you order today.

Everything You Need To Get Other People Driving Traffic
And Generating Orders For You…

A quick recap of what you get when you order today…

  • A 105-page PDF manual. This is the main course and will be your “go to” manual for all things associated with your own affiliate program.
  • 11 downloadable audio files. The entire course in audio version for you to load to your iPod, burn to a CD or listen to on your computer.
  • 5 exclusive bonuses. These include the recruiting checklist, the special report on attracting super affiliates, the affiliate autoresponder mailings, the special report on snail mail profits and the special report on increasing revenue.
  • Discounted price. $30.00 instant discount off the regular price!

If you want THE authoritative digital guide on the subject of affiliate program management, with dozens upon dozens of original ideas that you’ve never heard before on how to get thousands of other people sending you traffic and generating orders for you, with information that you simply cannot find elsewhere…

Buy Affiliate Sales Army Now!

Connie Ragen Green Signature


P.S. The only thing you need to think about right now at this moment is the number ONE. Seriously, think about it: ONE good affiliate doing ONE promotion for your ONE product will most certainly make more money for you than the low-cost of this course. Imagine the potential of an entire sales army doing multiple promotions! Enough said.